New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Mar 3, 2009, 11:18

St. Louis, MO
Russell Hyken, Ed.S, MA, LPC, NCC, CEP, CPE

Educational and Psychotherapy Services, LLC (EPS) offers services which include education evaluation, psychological assessment, residential placements and family or individual therapy to assist families and students set goals, strengthen family relationships and help students improve their academics and reach their full potential.

Russell Hyken, the founder of EPS, has an Educational Specialist degree from Webster University, an MA in Counseling, a BA in Communications and a BS in Marketing from Saint Louis University.

EPS specializes in education evaluation, first by identifying and pinpointing individual learning issues and then by offering specific recommendations designed to improve a student's potential. In addition, EPS provides ADHD evaluations through a data driven process that includes interviews, specific behavioral assessments and cognitive testing. EPS provides advice and suggestions for those individuals to improve academically.

[This information came from the Educational and Psychotherapy Services, LLC website.]

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