New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Oct 24, 2008, 13:18

Clinton, Montana
John McKay, Administrator

Cramer Creek, part of the Social Learning Environments (SLE) school network, is a new residential treatment school and center for young men and women ages 12-18 years old. Founded in 2008, this program is a sister program of Rancho Valmora and High Frontier and is designed for teens struggling with family and peer relationships, substance and alcohol abuse, ADD/ODD/ADHD, self harming behaviors, anxiety and mood disorders, and/or those having academic problems.

John McKay is the founder and Administrator of Cramer Creek and previously worked at Rancho Valmora as the Administrator. McKay is a board member of NATSAP. Assistant Administrator is Christopher C. Woodward, who previously worked at High Frontier. Clinical Director at Cramer Creek is Becky Frost, LCPC, who previously worked as an Adolescent Day Treatment Therapist at the Western Montana Mental Health Center. Accreditation is through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS) and the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance (NPSAA).

Cramer Creek utilizes a positive peer culture (PPC) model in the students' daily social interactions, individual and group therapy sessions, experiential and formal education and during their recreation and activities. Students are assigned a treatment team, with a teacher designated to each team who is trained in the PPC model. Each student receives an education plan that identifies goals, pace of study, and emotional or behavioral issues. Courses offered at Cramer Creek include math, science, social studies, English and Literature, art, ethics and altruism.

Recreational activities include mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hiking, camping, swimming and canoeing. In addition, students also participate in volunteer services to the local community.

[This information came from the Cramer Creek website.]

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