New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jun 29, 2007, 07:11

Davie, Florida
Patricia Giner - National Director of Admissions

College Living Experience operates programs in Denver, CO, Davie, FL and Austin, TX. They plan to open new facilities in Chicago, IL, Monterey, CA and Washington DC and are accepting applications for August 2007.

These post-secondary residential "College Living Experience" programs are designed to assist students in completing college and transitioning into "independent living." Students range from "low average to gifted IQ's with diagnoses such ADD, LD, NLD and autistic spectrum disorders like Aspergers Syndrome and high function autism".

Students of College Living Experience live in one or two bedroom apartments where they can learn and practice skills necessary to live independently. Staff resides in the apartment complex to serve as an advisor and to be on call for emergencies. Students participate once a week in "Course Review," which is a weekly checkpoint to be sure the students are on task and engaged, and mandatory study halls are offered three to four times a week.

In addition, College Living Experience holds numerous group activities like bowling, golf, tennis, swimming or attending theater productions, and students are encouraged to participate. Yet, students are on their own to enjoy college life and social events around town independently like movies, dinners, trips to the gym and so on when not scheduled for an appointment.

The program focuses on three main areas: academics, independent living skills and social skills. Students attend one of several colleges or universities close to the tutorial facility. Most students stay one to four years, either transferring to a university elsewhere to complete their degrees, or completing a two-year degree or technical certificate.

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