New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jan 6, 2008, 10:02

San Juan Capistrano, California
Kelly White, President and Founder

Coastal Mountain Youth Academy (CMYA) is an educational and therapeutic day school for young men and women ages 15-18 years who have not been successful in traditional school environments. These students may struggle with addiction, truancy, abuse, juvenile detention and probation. Kelley White, one of the principal teachers at the academy, and Mike Darnold founded the school in 2004.

Academics at CMYA follow California State content standards and implement strategies which address the multiple intelligences. CMYA students earn grades and elective credits through Career Education classes, which provide career and technical preparation and improve learning skills. Students also have a chance to experience careers that can assist in choosing college majors and can also enhance college admission applications.

Students participate in experiential education, utilizing an upper ropes course, wilderness training and team building, which encourage personal responsibility and the lessons of natural consequences. Individual counseling helps students connect with their strengths, knowledge and expertise. Group counseling provides a community of support for students to better equip them to stand against the particular problems they face. Counseling also includes family therapy; bringing the family into the community of support, and enabling them to work together with their teen against their challenges while providing helpful parenting skills and support groups. The counseling program also helps teens and their families overcome the obstacles together.

During the transitional period of students after graduation, CMYA staff will monitor the progress of the student and family for at least one year after completion, offering support indefinitely as well as alumni activities.

[The information for this New Perspectives article came from the CMYA brochure and website.]

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