New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Mar 30, 2008, 22:23

Heron, Montana
Mary Thielbahr, MA

Clearview Horizons is a therapeutic, Christian based, residential program for young women ages 14-20, with behaviors that may include lying, alcohol or drug abuse problems, stealing, low self image, being inconsiderate of others, treating people in hostile or negative ways and tending to be easily mislead or misleading to others.

Mary Thielbahr, MA, MS, is the Director of Clearview Horizons and specializes in areas of emotional problems, alcohol and drug problems, learning disabilities and sexual abuse. The Assistant Director, Tami Gebhardt, has worked at Clearview for the past five years.

At Clearview, the emphasis is on academic, physical and emotional fitness. The young women receive both individual and group therapy, with mentors assisting them in developing self-respect and a positive self-image.

Students attend school at Clearview, the Public High School or attend college. Those students with Special Education needs will have those special needs met at Clearview. In addition, they may elect to take correspondence courses or obtain their GED.

Recreational activites include: swimming, canoeing, boating and tubing at Lake Pend Orielle, hiking, horseback riding and camping. In the winter, students snowboard at Schweitzer Mountain and snowhoe at the Lodge.

[The information for this New Perspective came from the Clearview Horizons website.]

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