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New Prespectives

Apr 2, 2010, 06:35

Asheville, NC
Sally Jenkins, MS, LCAS, Co-Founder

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, CleanLife Carolina is a rather new transitional living program for young women needing assistance transitioning into adulthood and gaining independence. This small home environment assists the young women in learning necessary life skills to help them succeed. Bt providing an initial assessment at enrollment, goals in the following areas are set for each resident while living in this sober and healthy home: clinical, life skills and academic. Residents and their families participate in family therapy and parent seminars.

Residents participate in a four level program that enables them to gain privileges and opportunities to get a job or work on individual academic advancement or complete their high school education. Life skills tools learned at CleanLife include: money management, by establishing a personal checking/ and or savings account; maintaining a budget or establishing personal credit. Job preparation includes: resume writing and interviewing skills; Health and wellness skills teach residents CPR and first aid, daily exercise and yoga, healthy nutrition and food preparation and planning. Outdoor adventures and weekend activities provide confidence, growth and positive decision making skills, support and positive peer relationships through activities that include white water rafting, backpacking, art and music festivals.

CleanLife Carolina was founded by Sally Jenkins, MS, LCAS and Erin Robinson, who have a combined 33 years experience working with young adults in therapeutic wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools and hospital settings.

[This information came from the CleanLife Carolina brochures.]

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