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Jul 26, 2010, 18:56

St. George, Utah
Sherry Shake

Cinnamon Hills Youth Crisis Center is a therapeutic residential treatment program designed to assist youth with behavioral issues, chemical dependency or addiction issues, mental health issues, and or dual diagnosis. Boys and girls, ages 12 to 17 are accepted into the program. Students commit to a 90 day treatment program and parents can elect to extend the treatment period as necessary.

Cinnamon Hills is accredited by the Utah Department of Human Services, JCAHO, and the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.

Upon admission, clients have an individualized treatment plan assembled that may include group or individual therapy, 12-Step Substance Abuse Treatment, vocational training, social skills training, physical conditioning, and life skills preparation. The plan is revaluated by the youth's treatment team as necessary to gauge adequate progress in each part of the recovery process. The youth also take the Woodstock/Johnson assessment upon admission to the program in order to test their academic placement. A team of certified teachers then prepare a Student Education Plan to address the client's educational needs. Youth in the program are constantly monitored by staff members to ensure the complete safety of the children.

Cinnamon Hills is located in southern Utah, 2 hours northeast of Las Vegas. The dryer climate produces mild winters and hot summers, allowing for a myriad of outdoor recreational activities including picnics, swimming, hiking, softball, and volleyball.

[This information came from the Cinnamon Hills Youth Crisis Center website.]

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