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New Perspectives

May 10, 2010, 08:21

Westminster, South Carolina
Betsy Deane

Surrounded by state and national parks, forests, lakes and mountains, Cherokee Creek Boys School is a therapeutic boarding school for boys ages 11-15 and grades 5-9, who are struggling with emotional, behavioral, academic and personal issues that can include anger, oppositional defiance, depression, ADD/ADHD, adoption, divorce and learning disabilities and/or school failures and frustrations.

Founded in 2002 by Beth and Ron Black, Cherokee Creek is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, licensed by the state of South Carolina, approved by SEVIS and a member of NATSAP and SBSA. David LePere is the executive director, Clinical Director is Sharon Stricker, Paul Mathis is Cherokee Creeks' Treks lead instructor and Beth Venable is the Communication and Development Specialist.

With an average length of stay of 15-24 months, boys receive both individual and group counseling; participate in focus groups and quarterly family seminars. Academically, students each receive an individualized plan with special education services available for those needing supplemental services. Cherokee Creek focuses on hands-on, experiential learning including field trips and service projects, PE; environmental studies that include the use of an outdoor classroom model for studying nature, water and the local ecosystem and monthly week end expeditions called Cherokee Treks. These treks teach necessary team building skills and lifelong interests and include horseback riding, camping and hiking, whitewater and flat water boating.

Recreational and personal enrichment activities include: martial arts, league sports, foreign language studies (French and Spanish), guitar lessons; swimming, fishing, field trips and recreational sports.

[This information came from the Cherokee Creek website and brochure.]

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