New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Mar 21, 2008, 18:37

Athens, Georgia
John C. Villines, Founder
888-677-7233 (Eastern USA)
866-677-7233 (Western USA)
706-613-9007 (International calls)

In operation since 1974, Center for Safe Youth provides transportation for "at risk" adolescents to schools and programs worldwide. John C. Villines is the founder of Center for Safe Youth, is the former Regional Director of the Georgia Crime Prevention Association and is a board certified trainer for police and investigators, in addition to being a certified instructor in Unarmed Self Defense. Director of the Florida Center is JD Clanton, who has been with CFSY since 1999, Director of the Texas Center is Sylvester Ruffin and Director of the Utah Center is Jon Syrett.

The primary agents must pass a thorough background check and receive classroom training in areas of Verbal De-escalation, Understanding ADD/ADHD, ODD and other Special-Needs Children, crisis intervention, indicators of Deception and Interviewing and First aid/ CPR.

All runaway investigations are handled by their partner organization: John C. Villines LLC, which works closely with local law enforcement and a network of agents and information-gathering resources throughout the United States and abroad.

Center for Safe Youth has a full profile of liability coverage, including "professional liability insurance, professional licensing, surety bond and Trustline-certification".

[The information for this New Perspective was obtained from the Center For Safe Youth web site.]

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