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Jul 14, 2010, 15:23

Amarillo, Texas
Dan Adams

Founded in 1939, Cal Farley's Boys Ranch is a residential campus for youth ages 5 to 16 that are considered "at risk." The organization accepts youth experiencing family issues, school problems, aggression, anger, substance issues, minor legal trouble, emotional issues, and personal boundary issues. The organization does not accept youth who are sexual predators, overly violent, actively suicidal, mentally disabled, pregnant, or significant drug/alcohol addicts or users.

President and CEO of Cal Farley's Dan Adams has been with the organization since 1996. Dan received his undergraduate degree from Southwest Texas University and his Master's in Social Work from University of Texas. He has had work experience with direct care and teaching of youth. Dan currently serves as Vice President for the Texas Alliance for Children and Family Services as well as being an adjunct professor at West Texas A&M University. In 2009 he was awarded the Charles I. Wright Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Texas School of Social Work.

The organization offers three different programs to serve the needs of at-risk youth, residential, educational, and community-based. The residential program provides housing on the campus as well as on campus educational facilities. Community-based services provide counseling and other services to children and families in the area. The Boys Ranch houses an independent school district for the state of Texas that offers K-12 education. Residents attend this school.

Cal Farley's Boy Ranch school offers athletics, cheerleading, drama, music, and other extra-curricular activities. The program also has a horsemanship program which allows residents to experience a true Western pastime.

[This information came from the Cal Farley Boys Ranch website.]

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