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New Perspectives

May 3, 2010, 13:13

Parowan, Utah
Keith Burgess

Bryce Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center for young men and women ages 12-17 who are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues including manipulative and negative attitudes, anger management, lying, stealing and sneaky actions and substance abuse. Additionally, Bryce Canyon works with teens that are lacking motivation in their academics and are skipping school or have school suspensions, are involved in gangs, are running away or creating negative peer relationships.

Licensed by the Utah State Department of Human Services and is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, the academics at Bryce Canyon Academy is available for students in 7th- 12th grades and offers a college preparatory curriculum and a general academic study course. Owners and Directors at Bryce Canyon Academy are Travis Milne and Keith Burgess.

Bryce Canyon offers representatives to parents and families for 24 hour family support and is in the process of creating family seminars to assist in building skills needed to work towards family reunification. In addition to family therapy, students participate in individual and group therapies.

For recreation, students enjoy a variety of activities that include sports: soccer, basketball and volleyball, exercise and jogging, music, game room sports and winter sports such as tubing and skiing.

[This information came from the Bryce Canyon Academy website.]

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