New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jan 13, 2008, 21:13

Lee, Massachusetts
Emmy Davis
Admissions Coordinator

The College Internship Program (CIP) at the Berkshire Center provides individualized, post-secondary academic, internship and independent living experiences. Appropriate residents are young adults, ages 18 to 25, with documented learning differences and Asperger's Syndrome. Residents also have emotional, behavioral and psychological stability, with the potential to live and attend college or a vocational program independently and act as their own legal guardian.

Students live in apartments with their own bedroom, yet share bathrooms and common living spaces. CIP residential staff teaches basic life skills such as independent living, money management and budgeting, cooking and physical fitness. Residents also participate in individual and group counseling weekly with a consulting psychiatrist available for those students currently on medication.

Each student is assigned a Student Advisor to assist with goals and program plans, update family on progress at CIP and help coordinate schedules and appointments. Students participate in vocational skills training and internship placement, training modules and community service. For those attending college, individual tutoring sessions and study halls are designed to improve basic academic skill levels. Students also participate in study groups and group tutorials.

Michael McManmon, EdD, is the Executive Director of CIP and the founder of the Berkshire Center. CIP has centers in Massachusetts, Florida, Indiana and California.

[The information for this New Perspective came from the Berkshire Center website and brochure.]

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