New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Dec 7, 2004, 17:40

Rockville, Maryland
David Levin, LCSW-C
301-885-1999 or 866-624-7247

Adolescent Intervention Services (AIS) is a transportation agency with "over eighteen years of experience providing crisis intervention, therapy, locating adolescent runaways, and transporting at-risk youth."

AIS provides "cutting edge intervention services in an environment that recognizes the adolescents' unique emotional and psychological needs."

The agents offer adolescents the opportunity of a fresh start that is based on "respect, dignity, relationship, and resolve." They believe the first step in the treatment process begins with the initial engagement of the transport service.

Agents work to "initiate an environment of trust and mutual respect that offers the child hope that he/ she can resolve whatever issues arise. Through this brief, though critical, initial phase in the child's process of self-discovery, agents offer a lifeline of mutual trust and respect, based on his/ her behavior and commitment to change."

At AIS, the goal is "to identify with the student, his/ her motivation, inner-strength, and to enlighten him/ her on his/ her opportunities as they exist in the moment of 'critical exchange.' Anger at this moment is accepted, and not the exception." The agents work to "help the child become enlighten during this critical moment through training in crisis intervention, positive verbal exchange, treating the child with dignity and respect, and with the belief that physical interaction is the absolute exception, unless the child puts himself at risk to harm himself or someone else."

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