New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Apr 23, 2004, 10:44

Seattle, Washington
Sherrill O’Shaughnessy, Director

The Academic Institute, Inc. (TAI) offers three programs designed to help students realize their goals. Founded in 1980 and originally established as a tutoring agency, TAI became an accredited high school in Washington State in 1986. TAI is a Washington State approved college-prep middle and high school with accreditation from the NW Association of Schools and Colleges and registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

The mission of TAI is to “help students cultivate a sense of capability, determination, self-advocacy and a love of learning, while preparing them for success in their chosen post-secondary setting.” The school offers three programs for students to choose from; full-time status, dual enrollment and extension credits; each program is based on a student’s individual needs.

Full-time enrollment provides students with individualized tutoring to allow them an opportunity to enhance their skills while meeting the necessary academic requirements, and helping them to create an enhanced diploma. TAI also offers study strategy coaching to its students. Dual enrollment allows students to enroll for one or two classes while maintaining enrollment in their home school. Extension credit classes, include a curriculum, tests, compositions and correcting of the tests in a “one room schoolhouse,” but students can elect to take extension credits offsite as well.

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