New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Mar 24, 2004, 10:52

Proctor, Montana
Alan and Barbara Sullenger, Owner/Operator
406) 849 6301

Located on almost 200 acres, Affinity Foundation is a Christian based recovery program for at-risk teenage boys and girls ages 13-18. Affinity is a family style program owned and operated by Alan and Barbara Sullenger. The Sullengers’ and their two adult children mentor residents as they learn to manage or overcome a variety of obstacles including academic failure, low self-esteem, drug or alcohol addictions, ADD or ADHD, manipulation and anger management.

At Affinity, the teens participate in a home schooling program that “meets the needs of the academically challenged and accommodates the college bound students.” In this program, the staff utilizes a “Teen Challenge spiritual curriculum and a 12-step bible based program, which allows students to succeed in acquiring a high school diploma from an accredited school.”

Students’ work on the ranch fixing fences, painting, household chores, cleaning horse stalls, etc., to “sharpen their work skills.” Throughout the week, the students attend group meetings and attend a weekly youth group at the local church. Affinity Foundation accepts up to 24 teens for a minimum of 15 months. Boys average 18 months, girls average 22.

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