New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Feb 26, 2004, 13:05

Norristown, PA
Louise Robertson, M.Ed., Director of Admissions
610-277-0660 ext. 212

Since its grand opening in 1961, the Pathway School has garnered a reputation of offering comprehensive programs for students’ with special needs from age 5-21 (day school) and 12-21 (residential program.)

The school has “developed and implemented innovative, quality programs and services to enrich the lives of its students,” by utilizing “a holistic approach to treat and overcome complex learning disabilities and neurological impairments, including a variety of neuropsychiatric disorders like Pervasive Development, Tourette’s, Obsessive Compulsive, Mood and Anxiety Disorders.”

The Educational Component models “clinical teaching,” where instructional decisions are based on the observation and analysis of each student’s behavior and performance with a highlight on skills development to prepare students for life after Pathway School.

In the Clinical Services Program, Pathway School offers a variety of therapy options including individual therapy where the staff clinician serves as case manager, group therapy, behavior support and consultative support.

The Residential Intensive Services Program offers a highly structured, supported living and learning environment within a self-contained diagnostic setting for varying lengths of time based on individual need.

Pathway School implements a Career Educational Concept where elementary age students are integrated into other courses and combined with on and off campus work experience to refine each student’s preparation for a post Pathway School career.

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