New Perspectives
New Prespectives

Jan 23, 2004, 21:39

Enterprise, Alabama
Arielle Hemp, Director of Admissions

Pathway, Inc. is an Alabama-based private residential treatment facility that provides mental health services for adolescent males ages 10-18 who “have diagnoses and/or symptom manifestations consistent with the following: conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorders, dual diagnoses, attention deficit disorder, adjustment disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, intermittent explosive disorder, anxiety disorder and depressive disorders.” The residents live in groups of 10 with one group leader, in cabins in the woods, and attend an on-site school. Pathway receives referrals from private pay sources as well as through Alabama’s Department of Human Resources. The average length of stay is approximately 9 months.

They describe as their mission to: “provide the degree and quality of service, in the least restrictive environment for our neighbor’s children, that we would be compelled to provide for our own.” Their vision is: “to craft a developmentally dynamic array of residential services with an inherent capability to evolve and maintain its appropriateness in meeting client needs.”

They have provided alternative care for two decades, offering a “unique and highly structured program of professional intervention.” Their licensed clinical psychologist supervises a comprehensive clinical assessment and renders a diagnosis for each client that is then used to develop an individualized treatment plan. Masters level therapists provide group and individual therapy twice a week, and family therapy monthly, or more frequently, based on individual need. Each night the counselor/group leader holds an evening meeting with his group. Therapy is actively supervised by the clinical director, and staff members, families and clients are all involved in identifying the specific needs and goals for positive family outcomes. A treatment team meets each week to ensure participation and continuity of quality care.

Pathway is licensed by the Alabama State Department of Education to provide both regular and special education. Their classes have fewer than 10 students and teachers receive assistance from behavioral aides. Also “renowned” for their “rich and colorful history of vocational development,” for years they have been constructing almost all of their own facilities under the supervision of credentialed vocational instructors. Their new dining facility was constructed as “one treatment milieu for the development of independent living skills.” Pathway also schedules and supervises both on and off-campus activities that include fishing, swimming, weight training, sports, movies, fairs and extended and short term excursions. Their “highly qualified and experienced “mom and pop” management team directs a focused and enthusiastic staff of professionals,” and they are accredited by Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and various agencies within the State of Alabama.

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