New Perspectives
New Perspectives

May 2, 2007, 13:22

Basin, Wyoming
Lynne Davies - Director

Big Horn Basin Adolescent Programs provide long term care for youth ages ten through seventeen years old, who are non-violent and need a structured behavior modification program, including those who have been victims of sexual or physical abuse or who have emotional difficulties, who may have drug and alcohol involvement, runaway behavior or have a hard time building relationships with their peers or authority figures.

Each child has an individualized "Plan of care" which guides them socially and emotionally and steers them toward their educational growth. Life skill courses are offered each child where they learn to manage a household, money and management skills. For those 17 and 18 years old who will not be returning home, there is an Advanced Independent Living Skills course offered. The children attend public schools in the area, while living at the group homes. In order to reach their academic goals, staff members from the group home are involved with the students in acquiring good study habits.

Physical activity and the use of outdoor recreation helps these children build self confidence and create positive relationships. Community resources are used to instill lifelong habits of fitness. Set in the beautiful Big Horn Basin in North Central Wyoming, they feel it is the ideal place to help children become healthy, happy and productive young people.

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