New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Apr 25, 2007, 07:09

Ashland, Oregon
Derick Palmer - Founder

Adventure Academy USA is a Christian alternative to "troubled teen programs or therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers, providing spiritual renewal and discipleship training for teens." Adventure Academy is intended as a rigorous academic adventure program for Christian teens, and an alternative for students who may have had some trouble in the past but are capable of moving forward.

Members of the Association of Christian Schools International in partnership with Alpha Omega, students receive curriculum and support, along with an accredited high school curriculum. Each adventure camp sets up a portable school or "Field Campus" within a heated, canvas tent equipped with tables and chairs, computers and recreational and educational resources. Students are involved in the course design of every adventure camp in which they participate two to three weeks of every month. All student adventure options are supervised by "Wilderness-specific, medically trained staff".

While not on an adventure trek, students stay at the choice of two Wilderness base camps: Wilderness Trails in Southern Oregon, or historic Joseph, Oregon at the Flying Arrow Resort. Both camps are supervised twenty four hours a day, seven days a week by staff mentors. Down time is utilized for rest, re-supply and planning their next adventure.

At AA-USA, students attend local fellowships, participating in group events such as basketball, ultimate Frisbee and concerts. They travel into town for Sunday worship services, and staff-led Bible studies and devotionals.

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