New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Apr 4, 2007, 09:08

Northport, Washington
Matthew Bruner - Director

Men of Valor Ranch is an experience-based training and mentoring program for young men ages 18-25, who need a structured environment to find freedom and destiny through life skills training. The 12-month program targets young men struggling with authority issues and/ or ADD/ADHD, who may have had former drug or alcohol issues (yet have completed a chemical dependency treatment program), or those who may be exhibiting social problems and are willing to work on facing their challenges and short comings.

Christian mentors and life coaches work to create an atmosphere where young men learn to succeed by overcoming poor choices and dealing with the consequences of those choices. Students engage in numerous outdoor activities including daily physical training, raft construction and river camping, winter preparation and pack trips and basic survival skills. The Ranch provides "practical hands on training" in areas of gardening (including orchard and vineyard care) carpentry, masonry, and animal care and community service, all contusive for establishing a "good work ethic".

Men of Valor Ranch also provides a reality based, "God centered" approach to experiencing emotional and spiritual healing. Through spiritual training, the young men gain a new life perspective of how they can become contributing members of society. They receive "hands on" therapy, conflict resolution and learn personal accountability skills to help them deal with the wounds in their lives.

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