New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Mar 25, 2007, 20:30

A Cultural Immersion Program
Whitefish, Montana
Mick Stemborski - LCPC, LAC

Mick Stemborski is a licensed Clinical Therapist who has been providing wilderness, recreational and experiential adventures for adults and children for over ten years. The purpose of Peru Alive is to provide educational experiences through international traveling throughout Peru. He incorporates reflective themes and life lessons within all the activities and excursions in Peru.

The populations he serves include schools, universities, group homes, treatment centers, families and other private groups. Once a group has been decided on, he customizes and strategizes the ultimate itinerary to maximize the experience while minimizing risks or complications associated with international travel.

The goal of Peru Alive is to culturally immerse their guests into the Peruvian culture in order to build reciprocal and meaningful relationship with the local Quechua (Inca) People. Ultimately, Mick hopes a deep compassion and understanding is created to enable the individual to feel "part of the country" as opposed to an outsider.

[The information for the Peru Alive New Perspectives article came from their brochure.]

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