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ISPA Announces Four Industry Awards to Be Given Annually
Feb 23, 2007, 20:15

The Independent Small Programs Alliance
Clearwater, FL

ISPA Announces Four Industry Awards to Be Given Annually

Andy Anderson, MRA

February 21, 2007

Woodbury Reports - Struggling Teens Awarded The First Annual "ISPA Distinguished Service Award"

The Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) announced January 31, 2007 at a meeting in La Jolla, California, that the organization has established four (4) awards to be presented to Professionals, Organizations or Schools and Programs.

These awards will be given on a yearly basis or as seen appropriate by The Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA), a growing strategic business alliance of 14 independent schools and programs. ISPA strives to give added depth and marketability and the synergy needed for independent programs to strengthen and grow in a market in which larger and conglomerate organizations exercise great influence and marketing capability. ISPA members often compete with one another, but believe that level competition is a good thing.

The awards include:

"The ISPA Distinguished Service Award" will be awarded to a Business, Person or Organization providing impactful leadership or global service to ISPA and our industry.

"The ISPA Visionary Award", will be awarded to an Educational Consultant, other Professional, or a Program or School who is "out of the box" and ahead of the field in opening new paths for the industry and families, seeing that which is beyond the horizon.

"The ISPA Courage Award" will be awarded to a program or school showing exemplary leadership, courage in executing its business plan and focusing on the young people and families served before profits.

"The ISPA Gem Award will be awarded for selfless service, professionalism, leadership and compassion by an Educational Consultant, other Professional, a School or a Program.

The first ISPA "Distinguished Service Award" was given at the ISPA Dinner Meeting on January 31, 2007 in La Jolla, CA and was awarded to Woodbury Reports - Struggling Teens

ISPA Managing Partner, Andy Anderson, stated to the 52 Educational Consultants and ISPA Member representatives, " Woodbury Reports - Struggling Teens is given this award for its service in being the locus and voice of our industry".

Anderson stated that "Woodbury has been innovative, determined and diligent in its effort to bring issues and information into view so it could be shared, debated and acted upon by all involved. Woodbury has always confronted the tough issues in a professional and unbiased manner while always remembering our industry exists first and foremost to serve young people and families struggling through difficult times".

The Award has three acknowledging words engraved on it - Vision - Fortitude - Commitment.

Lon Woodbury, Woodbury Reports - Struggling Teens founder accepted the award and acknowledged his appreciation to ISPA, and the recognition given to Woodbury for their service.

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