New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jan 24, 2007, 20:32

Spanish Fork, Utah
Corbin Linde

Timpview RTC is a small intimate residential treatment program, providing care and treatment for male youth ages 13 through 17. The program is licensed and monitored by the State of Utah Department of Human Services. It is specially designed to help youth manage problematic behavior associated with oppositional behavior, attention deficit, relationship problems, poor school performance, teenage substance abuse, poor boundaries, and unhealthy sexual behaviors.

Timpview RTC is a program operated by Heritage Youth Services. All our professional staff have years of experience working with adolescents and meet Utah's requirements for licensure. By utilizing various behavioral techniques, staff members guide the youth in learning to risk in relationships, in finding constructive means of meeting needs for respect and love, and in discovering socially acceptable ways to relate to the environment and to authority figures.

Timpview offers many treatment themes including and character building milieus. The program promotes social responsibility and becoming a healthy member of a community. Guided by clearly established rules, youth learn to respect each other, their community, and authority figures.

The Timpview RTC school is fully accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. The students benefit from individualized educational plans and small class size. The focus of the school challenges the students to work at the highest ability to achieve academic success.

[The information in this New Perspective came from the Timpview website.]

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