New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jan 17, 2007, 11:20

Hurricane, Utah
Mike Crowley, Admissions Director

Sunrise was acquired by New Haven, Provo, UT,, on July 1, 2006, which makes it part of Solacium Holdings, LLC. Solacium also owns Alldredge Academy in West Virginia. We are assured the program and mission will remain the same, with the benefit of increased resources to draw on from the combined resources of the Solacium Holdings members.

Sunrise is a residential treatment center for girls ages 12-18 with a wide variety of disorders, including Addictions, Manipulation, Bereavement, Oppositional-Defiant, Bi-polar issues, Personality Disorders, Family Adjustment Difficulties, Post-Traumatic Stress and Anxiety Disorders, Habitual Lying, Relationship Problems, Hopelessness, Substance Abuse, Learning Disabilities, Peer Problems, Low Motivation, Victims of Abuse and Neglect, Low Self-Esteem, Depression and Dysthymia, etc.. The average length of stay is approximately six to nine months. The basic living arrangement is a home-style environment with each unit having up to four girls.

Each girl participates in weekly individual and family therapy, and daily group therapy, often in psychotherapy groups that are specific to particular issues. The program also uses Equine Therapy as part of the individual, family or groups, with enough flexibility that Equine Therapy may take place at any time by arrangement. Horsemanship or riding lessons can also be provided by the horse specialist.

Academics are accredited through NAAS (Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and Colleges) and the curriculum is comparable to any regular school, using Utah state-licensed teachers. Credits earned can be transferred to any other accredited school.

[The information on Sunrise came from their website and communication with Mike Crowley, Admissions Director.]

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