New Perspectives
New Perspectives

May 5, 2005, 01:32

Cedar City, Utah
Wade Davis, Admissions Director

With the major changes brought about by the CERTS (Certified, Educational, Recreational and Therapeutic Schools) purchase of the Academy at Cedar Mountain, the school is making "significant changes to the facility and its program structure to facilitate a higher standard of learning." Some of these changes include a transitional program for RTC and wilderness, equine therapy, education/nature trips and leadership groups. Enhancements to their academic program include skills programs for adolescents with learning difficulties, a center with academic specialists and assistance with college entrance preparation. The academy now also works with the older adolescents who are behind in school and utilizes off campus educational learning and individualized therapy.

The academic program adheres to the needs of each student and provides a secure learning environment with precise individualized academic attention for adolescents who at one time felt unable, inadequate, unmotivated and depressed with their life struggles. Staff encourages students to learn and grow through experiential leadership, academic excellence, self-confidence building and character development to assist students with reaching goals they previously thought unattainable. The academy offers this experiential learning through hands on experiences, small classroom sizes, individual focus, and Knowledge and Leadership Treks.

In the leadership component of the program, students attend three schools of learning that teach the importance of integrity, dedication and excellence. After completing these lessons, students are eligible to participate in the Mexico Experience, which offers a hands-on, intimate cultural environment for the final Leadership Workshop.

Academy at Cedar Mountain is a structured, non-traditional boarding school for students who are unsuccessful or unmotivated in school, typically with failing grades, have mild to moderate learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD and an overall low self-esteem.

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