New Perspectives
New Perspectives

May 5, 2005, 01:27

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
Randall Hinton & Justin Nielson - Co-Founders

White River Adventure is a boarding school with therapeutic and educational components for boys, ages 13-17. According to the website, the program also offers health and therapy, family support, self-esteem building, positive peer culture and recreation therapy.

The program says it utilizes an independent study curriculum and students attend courses designed for sixth thru 12th grade and college preparation. The website indicates that the academic coordinator determines a student's academic strengths and weaknesses before placing the boy with other students with similar needs. The boys become part of a "family," sharing common needs and issues, according to the information on their website. The site also says there is a medical doctor on staff to administer necessary medications.

White Water explains that upon entering the program students earn comforts and privileges by complying with education goals, cooperating in therapy, participating in physical activity and generally behaving. The information continues to say that those who refuse to comply, drop stages, lose opportunities to gain privileges and delay their graduation. The website points out that another aspect of the program is to teach family members the necessary tools for assisting the student in accomplishing their goals after returning home. Another service illustrated on their website is a series of seminars for the family in areas of honesty, trust, self-esteem, accountability, responsibility, anger management, communication, service, sacrifice, forgiveness and love.

For boys not needing a long-term program, White River offers a 60- or 90-day Wake Up Call Program based on the emotional growth concept. According to the website information, the academic curriculum is not accredited, but students attend classes six days a week to sharpen their academic skills in basic courses.

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