New Perspectives
New Perspectives

May 5, 2005, 01:10

Woodland Park, Colorado
Bill Dean - Director

Eagles Nest School for Boys is a new residential facility that opened in Woodland Park, CO in April 2005. The program accepts boys ages 14-17 with low self-esteem, codependency/social dependency issues, disrespect/defiance, addictive behaviors, poor peer choices, adoption issues, anger, isolation and/or other out-of-control behaviors.

Bill Dean, Founder and Director, believes that "by healing the source of current negative behaviors and providing the essential tools, the child will create the emotional, mental and physical well-being he will need to live his life."

The school currently accepts 10 boys but plans to expand to 12 later this fall. The program operates on the belief that a small, intimate size allows a more direct focus for each boy. Eagles Nest employs full and part-time licensed teachers to assist students in successfully completing the nationally accredited online academic curriculum.

Each student receives a complete psychological, medical, academic and behavioral assessment within the first two to three weeks of arrival. Based on this assessment, the senior staff, including the staff psychologist, teachers and parents will design a specific and individually tailored treatment plan that includes individual and group coaching and therapeutic counseling.

Eagles Nest asserts that rather than forcing the boys to change, the staff assists them in creating change and teaching them how to make positive choices. Due to the school's belief in its success, Eagles Nest offers a limited warranty to parents that promises their sons' will successfully reintegrate into the home and family within eight months.

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