New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Dec 26, 2006, 22:59

Canyon Lake, California
Angelika Robinson, PsyD - Program Director

The Casa de Lago Treatment Center is a comprehensive residential program for adolescent females between the ages of 12-17, primarily diagnosed with eating disorders. Each client receives specialized treatment for Eating Disorders, with additional services for Trauma, Depression, Peer Relation and Co-Occurring Disorders.

Casa de Lago provides initial assessments as a community service. The assessment team includes clinically qualified staff specially trained to evaluate individuals who may be in need of treatment. The program is based on a recovery model that addresses both the psychological and physiological aspects of teen issues in an intensive, individualized, and multi-dimensional structured setting. Clients will receive individual and group therapy, family education, and nutritional counseling. The staff is prepared to offer recommendations for level of care indicated, referrals to appropriate community resources and treatment alternatives as well as assistance with clarifying insurance benefits.

Program Components include Medical Evaluation, Nutritional Counseling and Education, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy/Family Education, Case Management/Aftercare Plan. The Registered Dietician provides an initial nutritional assessment and meal plan for each client. Nutritional counseling and education continue throughout the client's treatment. All activities and meals are monitored by staff as indicated in the treatment plan. Clients participate in experiential activities, including: Meal Planning, Meal Preparation, Grocery Shopping, and Therapeutic Restaurant Outings.

[The information contained in this New Perspective came directly from the Casa de Lago website.]

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