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Wellspring UK Achieves Unprecedented Weight Loss In Children & Teenagers
Nov 19, 2006, 20:39

Wellspring UK
Penrith, Cumbria

Wellspring UK Achieves Unprecedented Weight Loss In Children & Teenagers

Aspen Education Group
Cerritos, CA
07-99-965-7120 (Wellspring UK)

November 13, 2006

Wellspring UK, Europe's first scientifically based weight loss camp for children and adolescents ages 12-17, announced record weight loss for its programme participants over the 2006 two-month summer session.

On average, students lost 2 kg per week, with some students losing as much as 16 and 19 kg. Most students who had enrolled in the programme were at least 9 kg overweight before enrollment and had been struggling to control their weight for a year.

Wellspring UK incorporates a summer camp environment with a focus on weight loss through diet and activity management. It also utilizes a unique cognitive behavioural therapy to address the psychological and emotional issues that often prevent successful long-term weight control. Throughout the programme students self-monitor their dietary intake and exercise levels and record their thoughts and feelings to help them in their goal of becoming long-term weight controllers.

According to Daniel Kirschenbaum, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry & behavioural sciences at Northwestern University Medical School in the United States and clinical director of Healthy Living Academies, the division of Aspen Education that operates Wellspring Camps, not only is the programme successful in addressing weight issues, it also produces positive results in terms of young people's attitudes and outlooks on life. "Weight loss greatly improves a child's physical health, but the real miracle that occurs is the change in the child's self-image, which enhances their outlook on life and reinforces the idea that anything is possible," said Dr. Kirschenbaum.

When the time came to collect my daughter, I found her radiant, obviously fit and healthy, and unrecognizable as the rather shy girl I had left behind," remarked one parent. Another parent commented that his son is now "full of energy and back participating in sports." In addition, the parent stated that because of the weight loss, the son is now "more accepted amongst his peers and is included in social outings."

Since leaving the programme, Wellspring students have continued to self-monitor, maintain a journal and set goals online, which are overseen by their behavioural therapist from the programme. In spring 2007, Wellspring will announce results from a follow-up study showing progress six to nine months after each student's return home. Wellspring's U.S. programmes have demonstrated continued weight loss over this period for two consecutive years. Wellspring UK is confident that it will replicate this success in the students who attended the programme this summer.

Wellspring UK provides students with a wide range of healthy activities including football, rugby, basketball, rounders, hockey, and tennis as well as circuit training, kick boxing, weight training, swimming and dance. Students also experience outdoor adventure activities such as rock climbing, hiking and canoeing in the Lake District National Park and Eden Valley.

With increasing government and health organizations' concerns for the health of children, Wellspring UK and its U.S. affiliates have attracted international attention. In 2006, Wellspring UK attracted students from the UK, Belgium, Norway, Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Wellspring UK plans to triple the number of places available for next summer and is currently looking to work with government, the NHS and other organizations who are working to address the epidemic of pediatric and adolescent obesity. For more information, call 07-99-965-7120 or visit

Wellspring UK is a programme of Healthy Living Academies, a division of Aspen Education Group. Healthy Living Academies operates residential schools and summer programs addressing pediatric and adolescent obesity. Healthy Living Academies programs include Wellspring UK, Academy of the Sierras California, Academy of the Sierras North Carolina, Wellspring NY, Wellspring Adventure Camp North Carolina, Wellspring Adventure Camp California, Wellspring Texas, Wellspring Hawaii and Wellspring Family Camp. To learn more about Academy of the Sierras, Wellspring Camps or Healthy Living Academies, visit or call 07-99-965-7120.

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