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Odyssey Holds Educational Consultant Sailing Weekend
Nov 16, 2006, 10:35

Bellingham, Washington

Odyssey Holds Educational Consultant Sailing Weekend

Tim Brockman, Executive Director

November 15, 2006

Odyssey Wilderness Programs held its first annual, Educational Consultant Sailing Weekend, October 13 - 15, 2006. Odyssey invited educational consultants from around the country to travel to the San Juan Islands and participate in a sailing "experiential" weekend aboard Schooner Zodiac, a 127-foot sailing schooner. This sailing experience mirrored what Odyssey students experience during the Community Phase of the wilderness program. Consultants experienced first-hand the challenges and rewards of life on a traditional sailing schooner and came away with a clear view of Odyssey's community driven philosophy.

The sailing weekend proved to be very insightful and fun. Presentations throughout the weekend focused on topics such as the value of community within the industry, building relationships throughout admissions; and how Odyssey integrates the ocean environment in wilderness therapy. Overall, everyone had a great time, and went home with a renewed sense of spirit and purpose for the important work we all do in our industry.

If you are an educational consultant and would like more information on this Odyssey event, or would like to be added to the guest-list for a similar tour next year, call our offices. Also, Patty Murphy would be an excellent resource to ask questions about what the weekend was like for a consultant.

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