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Nov 15, 2006, 19:03

Top-Selling Author of "The Essential Guide to Autism," Rachel Evans, Announces Her Free Autism Newsletter

Rachel Evans
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November 15, 2006

Surrey, United Kingdom -- Rachel Evans, author of top-selling e-book "The Essential Guide to Autism," announces the release of her free Autism Newsletter. This free newsletter will compliment the efforts parents and other caregivers are currently taking to enhance the lives of loved ones suffering from autism.

Focusing on -- but not limited by -- the five common signs and symptoms of autism, the free Autism Newsletter offers practical and realistic tips that are easy to apply to your own family. More specifically, the type of issues that the newsletter covers includes real facts about autism, including the clarification of common myths; confusing and misunderstood causes of autism, as well as the 28 signs for identifying it; successful management techniques including step-by-step strategies; methods for bringing up a happy, healthy and loving autistic child.

When Rachel Evans, author of the Autism Newsletter, was first touched by Autism in her life, she found herself embarrassed at her lack of knowledge about the topic, aside from what she'd seen in the popular movie "Rainman." To learn more, Evans turned to the experts, who helped her to understand what is known about autism, as well as the support and treatment options available to families dealing with autism.

Unfortunately, she felt that the support and information locally available fell short of what she needed. Therefore, she turned to books to help her to learn about Autism and the options available for raising an autistic child in a complete and meaningful way. Again, the sources she came across fell short of her expectations and requirements. In short, she felt there wasn't a well written, well researched book available that was written for regular people -- not doctors.

This lacking became Evans' prime motivation for creating a realistic, practical and understandable e-book that can be used by parents and caregivers of autistic children, to ensure a loving, happy and fulfilling lifestyle. It took many long hours of research, but she finally developed her e-book "The Essential Guide to Autism."

Further to this effort, Rachel Evans has now designed the free Autism Newsletter to be used either as a stand-alone support tool for parents of autistic children, or as a compliment to her e-book.

Subscribers receive the free newsletter, as well as many additional free resources. These include articles and the latest news and information about autism, which are sent out by email regularly. Furthermore, subscribers will benefit from personal notifications whenever the Essential Guide To Autism Blog has been updated; which occurs once every week with a well-researched article.

For more information, or to subscribe to the Autism Newsletter, visit the official website at

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