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Ivy Ridge Academy Announces New Graduates
Nov 13, 2006, 21:50

Ogdensburg, New York

Ivy Ridge Academy Announces New Graduates

Jason Finlinson
Ivy Ridge Academy

November 11, 2006

The Academy at Ivy Ridge is proud to present its latest class to complete their character development program. The staff at Academy at Ivy Ridge works with our students to help them identify and develop their talents. Through a structured environment, we offer our students a safe, focused, learning atmosphere to provide them opportunities to develop accountability, responsibility, self-motivation, positive self esteem, family unity and academic success.

Our graduates explained what attending Academy at Ivy Ridge did for them. Mike B. commented that, "Academy at Ivy Ridge has taught me to think about what I do before I do it. Now I analyze things and situations to determine a better choice. It's given me confidence to do whatever I want to do and to achieve my goals. Academy at Ivy Ridge allowed me to catch up on three years of school. I got a lot of work done."

Caroline talked about how the community service has helped her character development. "I really enjoyed the pancake breakfast because of the kindness of the local people. One time, I had met this really nice older woman and when I came back two months later she remembered me and took a genuine interest in me and my future; that meant a lot to me."

Todd agreed. He realized that it can be fun to help others. "We went to the fire station and helped out with the games Labor Day weekend. We helped out raising money and it made me feel good to see the kids smile and having a good time. I had some problems back home and it felt good to be doing something positive in the community."

Elizabeth said, "Academy at Ivy Ridge saved my life. It has helped me find who I am. It gave me direction and purpose and helped me to understand the importance of family. I learned to love and value myself for who I am."

We're proud of our students' accomplishments and wish them well as they head back home and continue their progress in their schools, colleges, and communities. With the knowledge and personal discernment our students have acquired, we're proud to say they leave Academy at Ivy Ridge ready to take on life's challenges.

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