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New Haven Expands
Oct 31, 2006, 20:40

Spanish Fork, Utah

New Haven Expands

Kristie Jensen
Admissions/Marketing Director

October 31, 2006

New Haven has built a new home, which will be accepting new students starting November 6, 2006. The home is being built on our south campus located in Spanish Fork, Utah. The home is 10,500 square feet and provides New Haven the opportunity to serve an additional 16 girls and their families. In the past many families have been turned away or have had to wait for weeks before admitting. With this new home we are eager to help more girls and their families. Starting November 6, we have immediate openings available.

Just like the other two homes on the south campus, this new home will function independent of the other two homes. There will be 25 residential staff, including night watch staff, assigned just to this home. It will include a large kitchen and dining area to serve the students and staff of this home. Just like the other homes, this home will maintain the intimate and individualized treatment for which New Haven is known. A few students from the other houses will be transferred there to create an environment with student leaders and mentors that foster healthy relationships and lasting change in our students. Students in this new home will participate in general groups, equine therapy, and recreation therapy separate from the students living in the other two houses.

Though the home will function as its own community, independent of the other two homes on the south campus, all the girls attend school together and associate with each other during specialty therapeutic groups, such as Recovery, Trauma or Art Therapy.

The Clinical Department is expanding with the eventual addition of three new therapists and one experiential therapist. Lindsay Stubbs, our current East House Lead Supervisor will be taking one of the therapist positions. Having the new therapists will allow our current therapists to maintain their low caseloads and continue to provide the most attentive therapy available.

Our school and Education Department are also expanding. There will be improvements made to the P.E. program along with a new workout room. The expanded school will include a spacious art room, and a third large instruction room. A Spanish course will be added to the curriculum for students interested in pursuing a foreign language.

We extend an open invitation to all who would like to come and take a tour of our new home, expanded school house and campus! Please come and reacquaint yourself with New Haven staff and program.

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