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Gatehouse Academy Gives World Leaders An Inside Look On Addiction Treatment For Young Adults
Oct 31, 2006, 19:42

Wickenburg, Arizona

Gatehouse Academy Gives World Leaders An Inside
Look On Addiction Treatment For Young Adults

Glenna Conway

November 1, 2006

A group of ten young leaders from Uzbekistan, a former state of
the Soviet Union, visited Gatehouse Academy to acquire knowledge about young adult addiction treatment programs. They were eager to learn how the programs provide drug treatment for young adults using a 12-step approach to recovery. Accompanied by two Russian interpreters, the group spent the day observing and participating to understand how Gatehouse Academy assists residents in overcoming addiction and its associated

The purpose of their visit was to become educated in the field of drug addiction and prevention. These leaders spent a total of 21 days meeting with organizations and visiting a variety of integrated chemical dependency treatment centers. Their efforts were focused on gaining greater insight to substance abuse treatment programs and successful modalities of addiction care.

Uzbekistan borders Afghanistan, which is one of the largest producers of heroin in the world. Heroin use represents over 64% of drug users and injecting drug users currently represent 75% of the HIV cases in Uzbekistan. These young leaders have identified heroin as a critical problem in their country and are looking to the United States for guidance on addiction treatment for young adults.

The group was impressed with Gatehouse Academy. Compared to the wide range of drug treatment centers they visited, it was Gatehouse's comprehensive approach that appealed to them. "We are very envious of how you can offer so much," said Ilhom Ilkramov, Drug Demand Reduction Program Coordinator in Samarkand. "I would like
to open a facility of the same magnitude that uses the 12-step philosophy. Our goal while we are here is to learn more about how the United States approaches drug treatment and prevention and be able to bring this information back and apply it in Uzbekistan.

Currently we have some upcoming projects & will be considering the Gatehouse
Academy model." The group's visit to the campus provided them with a wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of the program. It allowed them a first hand experience of the various elements that create Gatehouse Academy's highly successful drug treatment programs. The Uzbek counselors had a tour of the campus followed by the "Morning Circle." The "Morning Circle" is a forum for residents to address issues within the community and work on developing life skills in a recovery setting. When finished, the group had a "round table" discussion with two Gatehouse Academy residents facilitated by the Russian interpreters. The residents were able to share their life history and successful experiences at the facility.

The remainder of the day was spent interviewing staff from the Clinical, Residential, and Educational departments to understand how these components of the program integrate to provide a high level of care. Gatehouse Academy CEO, Kent Sherman said, "This experience was an opportunity to share our model, which is the leader of drug addiction treatment centers for young adults; It was incredible for our residents and staff to share their experience, strength and hope, to make a difference in the world."

About Gatehouse Academy:
Gatehouse Academy is a long-term residential drug and alcohol facility exclusively for young adults age 17 - 25. Residents learn life skills, attend therapy, continue formalized education, enhance physical well-being, and recover from the effects of alcohol & drug abuse through focused 12 Step Recovery. For more information on Gatehouse Academy visit our website at or call toll free @ (888) 966-4800.

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