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Sober College Tri-Athletes Capture Medals: Drug Rehab and Addiction
Oct 26, 2006, 17:34

Woodland Hills, California

Sober College Tri-Athletes Capture Medals: Drug Rehab and Addiction

Sober College

October 26, 2006

Five Sober College students, participating in a unique young adult-focused drug rehab and addiction treatment program, captured second, third and fourth place in the male mountain bike division. Medals are awarded three deep for all categories.

Sober College Fitness, headed up by Dr. Ken Niemann, a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Trainer and President of The California Center for Fitness and Functional Medicine also participated in the event. "This is a great day for Sober College Fitness. These guys are exceptional athletes and they are only at the beginning stages. It is amazing to think of what they will accomplish."

The Sober College fitness program is uniquely designed for young adults in recovery. "Most young adults coming to us have previously been through drug rehab programs. In addition to traditional gym type activities, we try to get them excited, in motion and doing something rewarding. Competing in triathlons is ideal, because it puts a sense of achievement to their workout regimen," explains Niemann. "When they first come in, we get a baseline for their fitness level. We see how fast they can run a mile, we measure oxygen intake and body fat. From there, we customize an individual program."

For one participant, a graduate of four previous addiction treatment programs, this was a first. "I'm really proud of myself. This is one of the first times I have actually completed something I set out to do. It's amazing to start to live your life with intention. I feel this spilling over to academics and my own personal recovery program."

Winning times include 64 minutes by Brian G., 65 minutes by both Sam K. and Chris H. and 56 minutes by Team Niemann.

About Sober College:
Sober College, headquartered in Southern California, is a small private institution providing alcohol and drug addiction treatment for young adults ages 17 to 26. The Sober College curriculum builds core competencies in life skills, employment, academics, emotional well-being and fitness. For further information about this drug rehab program.

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