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Pinnacle Wilderness Accepting Clients For Outdoor Behavioral Health Care Program
Oct 23, 2006, 13:29

Richfield, Utah

Pinnacle Wilderness Accepting Clients For Outdoor Behavioral Health Care Program

Bridget Peterson
Phone: 435-896-5788
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October 20, 2006

Pinnacle Wilderness Foundation is a Non-Profit (501) (c) (3) program that utilizes the peace and serenity of the beautiful desert and mountain areas of Utah to bring about a change of heart. Using the "Circle of Courage™," youth will learn self-confidence, respect and develop trusting relationships with caring staff, peers and family as they are offered the chance to gain a sense of self-worth and accomplishment that can carry them through the challenges that life will certainly bring. When the PathWalker, or client, comes to realize that they can care for themselves completely, even in the wilderness, it is truly empowering.

Pinnacle Wilderness Foundation's Parenting Program supports families in crisis by providing parents and family members with new tools that will help them to understand and integrate the needed changes that will be necessary within the family unit to ensure the child's success upon their arrival back into the family.

One of Pinnacle's key innovations is a "Return with Honor" program that allows students who have completed the program to return to the trail as a mentor for one to six weeks time. The "Return with Honor" program gives students the opportunity for additional reinforcement of the lessons learned on the trail and more time in the peace of the wilderness to allow them to refocus their goals.

While on the trail, the PathWalkers are also provided the means to earn academic credits through a unique partnership with Blueprint Education- whether the goal is to get ahead in school, catch up to the rest of the student's class, or simply stay on track for graduation.

Pinnacle's simple approach allows troubled teens to identify past mistakes, embrace present lessons of the wilderness and look forward to opportunities for the future. In the words of Pinnacle Wilderness Foundation's Founder, Debbie Hansen, "Nature heals."

For more information of Pinnacle Wilderness Foundation, please visit their website listed above.

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