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Open Sky Wilderness Expands Leadership Team
Oct 23, 2006, 13:22

Durango, Colorado

Open Sky Wilderness Expands Leadership Team

Lauren Lollini
Admissions Director

October 20, 2006

Open Sky, a holistic wilderness therapy program located in Durango, Colorado, is proud to announce the addition of two key members to their leadership team. The Open Sky Wilderness Therapy program is built around the dimensions of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, integrating the best of traditional clinical modalities, naturopathy, and wilderness therapy. Open Sky is a family centered program serving adolescents and young adults.

Lauren Lollini, MA, NCC has been promoted into the position of Admissions and Outreach Director after working this past summer as a therapist for the organization. Lauren has vast knowledge in the therapeutic field as well as the sales and marketing arenas. Her primary role will be to serve as a liaison for families and educational consultants considering Open Sky as an option for their son or daughter. In addition to evaluating the appropriateness of student applicants, Lauren will be running a parent support group out of Colorado, facilitating all-family weekly teleconference calls and providing education to the marketplace about the value of Open Sky's programming.

"As an experienced therapist aiding families through important times of transition, Lauren has been integral in solidifying the family component of our program," said Aaron Fernandes, Executive Director and owner of Open Sky. "It is a natural extension of Open Sky's commitment to the family that we have Lauren work closely with parents through the emotional process of finding the appropriate placement for their child. Given her therapeutic education, wilderness field experience and compassionate demeanor, Lauren is a wonderful contact for families exploring Open Sky."

As a former wilderness field therapist, Lauren was inspired by the magic of the wilderness and the successes of her students. This love of working with teens evolved into a passion for working with the whole family system. As a sales and marketing professional, Lauren used her ability to listen to her customers and determine their specific needs to help them on several levels, with services, training and innovative ideas. Her creative approach to both therapy and sales has afforded her success in both professions. Now she is able to combine her talents to assist families and referring professionals in finding the help they need.

Open Sky is also excited to announce the addition of Gregory Martin, MA as part of the clinical team. Gregory has joined Open Sky to specialize in the treatment of our young adult students. Gregory brings knowledge and experience in the wilderness field having worked as both a guide and therapist for over 13 years. He has extensive experience with youth at risk, young adults in crisis, people suffering from the disease of addiction and those in major life transitions.

"It is Gregory's training in rites of passage, sweat lodge ceremonies and his vision quest guiding which have afforded Open Sky the opportunity to incorporate these powerful experiences into our standard programming," said Aaron Fernandes, Executive Director. "Gregory's extensive professional training, focus on personal development and spiritual depth complement Open Sky's holistic approach to wellness. I am thrilled to have his passion and energy in this organization.

Gregory received a Master's degree in transpersonal counseling psychology from Naropa University and has operated a private practice for the last nine years. Gregory describes himself as spending many days "on the mountain" which adds to his breadth of knowledge and insight. In the past, Gregory has guided for Wolfcreek Wilderness School, Kent Mountain Adventure Center, Deer Hill, Colorado University, The School of Lost Borders and Passages to Recovery.

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