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OPI Participant On Panel Discussing Future Of Computer Gaming
Oct 6, 2006, 00:12

Woodland Hills, California

OPI Participant On Panel Discussing Future Of Computer Gaming

Anne LaRiviere
Director of Admissions

October 2, 2006

An OPI Participant who is a world-class computer game competitor and developer---but who has decided he would rather study psychology---was part of a panel of experts discussing the future of the gaming industry at the recent QuakeCon 2006 convention in Dallas, TX.

A QuakeCon gaming convention is considered the Woodstock of the gaming industry and attracts thousands of fans from throughout the world.

Will H. was asked to participate in the panel that presented a modification of the computer game Quake4 and discussed the future of in-game recording systems.

Will also found himself discussing the future of computer game development with John Carmack, president of id Software, one of the largest computer game developers in the world. The name id Software is taken from Freud’s primal part of the human psyche.

Will has received numerous awards for his competitive gaming skills. In 2003 he was named the “top dueler” or world champion Halo (game) player, a title he won at a competition hosted by the Cyber-Athlete Professional League. This competition was sponsored by software developers from throughout the country.

Despite these accomplishments, Will says “I don’t see myself going into the gaming industry. It’s too difficult to break in to.” Will is a student at Pierce College and plans to study psychology at UCLA.”

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