New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Sep 6, 2006, 13:49

Thompson Falls, Montana
Anthony & Teri Cristaldi, Co-Directors

Good Life Cottage is a small, specialized home offering developmental support and behavioral guidance for struggling adolescent boys between the ages of 12 - 17. Up to six boys live with Anthony and Teri and function as a family. Boys in residence have typically experienced issues including drug and alcohol abuse, low self-esteem, defiance, aggravated family relationships, grief and depression.

Education is a primary focus of the program. While most of the boys attend the local public high school, an in-house distance-learning program is available. Students are encouraged to participate in school activities and community service. There is a carpentry and hobby shop available at home. Good Life out-sources therapeutic services as needed and helps the boys attend AA and/or NA meetings.

Note: The information used in this New Perspective came from the Good Life Cottage brochure and website.

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