New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Sep 6, 2006, 13:38

Mill Hall, Pennsylvania
Wesley Sensenig, Education Supervisor

Bald Eagle Boys Camp, sponsored by the Mennonite Church, uses a wilderness setting to provide a non-punitive atmosphere where troubled boys can work through problems and move towards behavioral, emotional and spiritual wholeness. The program offers year-around residential treatment for boys aged 9 - 16.

After several years of research and planning, the camp opened in January of 1995. The program uses techniques developed by Campbell Loughmiller more than 50 years ago and successfully replicated across the nation. This method basically is based on the healing properties of long-term camping out by young people.

The camp can serve up to 30 boys. The average length of stay is 18 months. Bald Eagle is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of public Welfare as a Residential Treatment Facility.

Note: The information used in this New Perspective came from the Bald Eagle Boys Camp brochure and website.

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