New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Sep 6, 2006, 13:30

Washington, Utah
Michael Alger, Founder & Executive Director

At the Crossroads, located near St. George, Utah, helps struggling young adults (18 - 23) become successful by teaching the values and skills necessary to live independently in the real world. Students who want a fresh start on life and recognize that appropriate boundaries will help them achieve their individual goals are good candidates, especially if their parents are willing to begin treating them as adults. Students dealing with psychological and/ or addiction issues are not appropriate.

While at Crossroads, students attend school and/ or go to work while also participating in life skills training. Over an 8 - 12 month period, students develop an individualized plan that enables them to move through the life skills training - called Pathways - which encompasses Independence, Healthy Living, Spiritual Awareness and Strengthening Relationships. Students live a structured lifestyle in one of several adjacent three-bedroom homes. Formal educational opportunities including colleges and universities, vocational and trade schools as well as GED prep classes are available in the community.

Crossroads was founded by Michael Alger and his wife Jessica in an effort to help students graduating from more highly structured programs continue to move forward with their lives rather than returning to old patterns and destructive behaviors. Matt Eschler, LMFT, is the Clinical Director of the program.

Note: The information used in this New Perspective came from the At The Crossroads brochure.

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