New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jul 13, 2006, 09:27

St. Louis, Missouri
Richard Burnett - Deputy Director for Public Information

Judevine Center is a therapeutic residential school for children with autism spectrum disorder. They accept and work with anyone with autism, including Asperger's Disorder, from age 2 to 59+. Judevine Center offers six service options for individuals and families dealing with autism: Residential Care and Support, Parent Training, Adult Day Services, Clinical Therapy, Family Support and Outreach Programs.

According to their material, the Judevine residential program uses a team approach to treatment, which includes support from various professional disciplines such as Special Education, Speech/ Language Pathology, Music Therapy, etc. Training is provided across environments - at home, school and in the community, to ensure acquisition as well as generalization of target skills. The residential setting aims to provide "normal" living experiences in a typical home environment within natural communities.

The educational component incorporates a variety of instructional methods including cooperative learning groups, experiential learning and individual instruction. The focus of this intensive educational treatment program is to maximize the potential of each student. Instruction is individualized dependent upon each student's strengths and challenges.

Note: The information in this New Perspective was gathered from the Judevine Center brochure.

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