New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jul 13, 2006, 09:18

Concord, California
Genevieve Stolarz, Executive Director

This non-profit residential program is designed for adults with neurological disabilities. Clients live in two-bedroom apartments near the Center's administrative building. The mission is "to provide the skills, training and assistance needed for the participant to gain as much self-reliance as possible given their disability." The program is designed to offer life long support enabling the participant to live as independently as possible in a tight-knit and caring community.

The three core goals are developing living skills, vocational skills and interpersonal skills, augmented by the use of art. The Center opened 18 years ago, and includes vocational counseling, occupational therapy, and individual and group counseling.

Note: The information in this New Perspective was gathered from the Center For Adaptive Learning brochure.

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