New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jun 27, 2006, 16:46

San Francisco, CA
Dan Leibowitz, Founder

Dan Leibowitz is a learning specialist who founded EdTherapy, a private consulting practice, to "develop individualized programs that teach the skills and behaviors associated with meeting demands in a more organized, systematic manner." Leibowitz works with students and families while also providing faculty training in lesson design and technology implementation.

EdTherapy integrates a variety of assistive technologies that enable students to function at a level more consistent with their capabilities. Assistive technologies can be used to compensate for weaknesses in any of the three major cognitive pathways: Taking information in, processing / organizing information and producing a written product.

The work with students begins with a detailed assessment of the child's learning profile and academic history. Based on information from parents, related professionals and psycho-educational evaluations, specific goals are identified and progress is closely monitored. Collaboration with teachers, when possible, is an integral part of this process. Developing student autonomy is always a primary goal.

Working with students individually or in small groups, EdTherapy demonstrates how various assistive technologies can be utilized to enable students to function at a level more consistent with their abilities, teach executive function processes, speed up various learning and studying processes, develop awareness of and fluency with varied learning strategies: high & low tech and to foster academic independence.

Note: The information used in this New Perspective was gathered from the EdTherapy website.

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