New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Apr 24, 2006, 11:50

(Formerly Internships Abroad Costa Rica)
Tucson, Arizona
Michael Lyles, Chief Operating Officer

Introspections Costa Rica (ICR) provides a clean and sober living environment for young adults, ages 17-24. As an aftercare transitional program, ICR works to continue the recovery process after students complete an initial care program. Dedicated to independent living, students reside in a Spanish colonial home outside of San Jose, Costa Rica. Reasons for enrollment may include a sense of entitlement, substance abuse/ dual diagnosis, poor peer relationships, lack of focus and motivation, adoption issues, social anxiety and poor family relationships.

ICR teaches students the balance necessary to maintain a more healthful and mindful lifestyle. Focusing on the mind, body and spirit, daily structure incorporates meaningful time for introspection and journal writing, physical exercise and mind/ body practices such as yoga, martial arts and Thai massage. Other components of the program include education, independent living curriculum, active community service, group sessions utilizing Narrative Approach, individual mentoring and therapy, Spanish language instruction, cultural immersion, weekend adventures, drug and alcohol screening, implementation and design of a Human Potential Portfolio and Adaptive Skills Profile Assessment.

The program uses the Adaptive Skills Profile Assessment in combination with the Human Potential Portfolio to complement the Narrative Approach. These tools also securely measure how an individual is interacting within their environment on a regular basis. Each student creates an individual Human Potential Portfolio that provides him or her with the necessary tools to examine past behavior patterns and re-create new mindful ways of living. The Adaptive Skills Profile Assessment incorporates regular systematic testing of the life skills needed to garner vocational, academic, social and behavioral success. Therefore, the student's measurable success can both be witnessed while in the program and during the transition back into the home environment.

Editors Note: Introspections Costa Rica (ICR) wrote and submitted this New Perspective. The information contained in it comes directly from ICR.

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