New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Apr 13, 2006, 11:37

ThIS SCHOOL HAS CLOSED and this article is now simply the recorded history that it once existed.

Richmond, Indiana
Jeff Raatz
Admissions Director

Tim and Bonnie Cummings co-founded New Creations Boarding School over 35 years ago. The facility utilizes a Christ centered approach in working with young men and women, ages 12-17. New Creations accepts at-risk teens in transition and those with a wide variety of behavioral problems such as rebellion, defiance, etc.

At New Creations, the counselors work with students spontaneously to reduce defensiveness, rehearsed responses and reactions that may occur in scheduled counseling appointments. The program believes the most effective counseling occurs while students go about their daily life and activities. The school bases its structure on the Nouthetic (spiritual) counseling methods developed by Dr. Jay E. Adams, PhD.

The school maintains separate facilities for the boys and girls, and incorporates a level system linking the students' personal growth and academic advancements. As students advance through the level system, they acquire more privileges. Most students remain on campus for 18 months or until they attain the appropriate level for their age.

The student's academic program begins immediately after diagnostic testing with daily progress linked to the level system. The academic component is a computer-based, self-paced curriculum that provides the student's with individually designed class schedules and tutoring. The monthly tuition cost is $2,000 with financing options available for parents.

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