New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Feb 27, 2006, 12:22

Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Bruce J. Bona, Executive Director

Eagleton School is a residential psycho-educational treatment center for young men, ages 9 to 22, with difficult behavioral problems, emotional disturbances, sexual abuse issues and learning disabilities. The students live in single bedroom dorms, with seven to ten students grouped by age and functioning level.

The program accepts students with the following diagnoses: Conduct disorders, depression, bi-polar, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, substance abuse, posttraumatic stress, psychotic disorders and pervasive developmental disorders including Aspergers Syndrome and mild autism.

Eagleton's therapeutic program enhances interpersonal skill development and emotional growth through individual, group and family therapy directed by a licensed psychiatrist. The program also provides specialized group therapy to victims of sexual abuse and sexually reactive students. They encourage parental relationships through personal conversations, telephone conferences, written reports, campus visits and scheduled parent-child activities.

Their academic curriculum, accredited through the Massachusetts Department of Education, employs licensed teachers and includes basic subjects like math, reading, science and history. The school also emphasizes vocational training, such as food services, landscaping and animal care, as well as off campus service oriented work to facilitate the student's eventual transition into the community.

The program also utilizes community based recreational activities like swimming, team sports, outdoor activities and a therapeutic horseback riding program.

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