New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Feb 2, 2006, 10:30

Manti, Utah
Kelly Husbands, MSW, Program Director

Blue Sage Youth Services is a residential treatment program for girls ages 13-17, who have a history of behavioral, emotional or educational delays, or a history of chemical abuse problems following a detoxification program. The program is licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services.

Blue Sage has a "strong" behavioral component that utilizes a "carefully guided" level system which emphasizes both positive and negative consequences in a "safe, secure" environment. Clients are evaluated on behavior, following rules, social skills, increased self-esteem and other criteria from a list of appropriate behaviors and expectations. As they reach these goals they receive more rewards and bigger expectations.

Academics are based on the Utah State Core Curriculum; credits are accumulated at the rate of one class per year, with 24 credits being necessary for graduation under Utah requirements. Blue Sage operates under the guidelines of Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges and all credits are transferable. The primary emphasis is on the basics: English, Math, Science, Physical Sciences, Physical Education and a variety of electives.

The program focuses on teaching students how to change their behaviors and gain the respect and trust of others. Blue Sage offers "comprehensive" psychological, social and educational assessment, individual treatment planning and medical services. Regular contact with the family is an integral part of the overall treatment plan for the teen.

Editors Note: The information used in this New Perspective was gathered from the Blue Sage website.

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