New Perspectives
Archaitis, Inc.
New Perspectives

Nov 29, 2005, 15:40

South Jordan, Utah
Gary Moe, Founder

Archaitis, Inc., parent company of, announced they are now offering a coaching program specifically designed for the parents of troubled teens. is designed to enhance and expand the services offered by residential treatment programs and educational consultants by taking the parents through a formal program called “Center Path™.”

"Center Path™" teaches parents’ how to apply the “True Principles” and how they govern productive relationships. According to the information, the power of this approach is based on the fact that by correctly applying these principles they produce predictable results every time, every where and with everyone.

The program also teaches how the alternative or “principle lies,” are counterfeits, and if employed, always produce poor results. In relationships these “principle lies” produce distance, so parents are taught to understand and contrast between the two while they learn how to apply the “True Principles.”

A third aspect of Center Path™ is to teach parents how to check their results and understand what their results are teaching them, and how the principles govern those results. The Center Path™ program is offered in group settings, in the home or in a distance learning approach. They also offer parent retreat programs scheduled and designed around Center Path™.

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