Extended Insights
Extended Insights

Oct 13, 2005, 12:21

By: Larry Stednitz

Elliot Sainer, President/CEO of Aspen, reported that Aspen believes they have an obligation to give back to and further the advancements and quality of the industry.

The presenters included David Walsh, PhD, who discussed the latest research on the adolescent brain and the media's influence on teenage behavior. The research sheds light on the significance of the brain's development and the subsequent approaches to address adolescents in a meaningful way.

Dani Levine, PhD reviewed the comprehensive assessments necessary for making appropriate placement decisions. There have been significant changes in the assessment tools and importantly ramifications for appropriate placements as well as comprehensive treatment approaches.

An informative presentation on adoptions was provided by Sharon Kaplan Roszia. With an estimation of 25 to 30 percent of students in our programs being adopted, this topic has enormous ramifications for students in placement.

Dan Kirschenbaum, PhD discussed the art and science of treating adolescent obesity. He is the Clinical Director of Healthy Living Academies, a division of Aspen Education Group.

Ellen Behrens, PhD discussed out of home treatment outcome research. She is the co-founder of Evidence Based Consulting. Behrens was the principal investigator for a large, multi-center study on student outcomes in residential treatment.

Approximately 60 consultants and mental health professionals attended the three-day event.

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